Joshua Kipling - Brazier


This page contains a number of short articles I have written about particlar Kiplings who, unlike Rudyard, have not been so lucky as to have had numerous biographies written about them.
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Moses Kipling - Ironmonger
A Tale of Three Charles

Watson, Kipling & Co.

John Kipling, Clerk of the Rolls

Three Kipling Actors

Quaker Kiplings

Captain Ambrose Kipling - India Trader

A Lucky Escape in Afghanistan

Hostlers and Cabmen

Gardeners and Manservants

Royal Huntsmen


Vicarious Kiplings

AIr Force Kiplings

Stafford Clockmaker Kiplings

Timothy Kiplin - secretary to John Locke

Emma Kipling - the oldest profession

John Kipling, Lighterman

Treachery and Simony

John Kippling, 18th century comedian

James Kipling - Edward Medal winner

The Drover Kiplings of Bowes

Other Bowes Kiplings

The Tippling Dean Kipling


Anthony Kipling - Exciseman

The Sad Tale of Joseph and Isabella Kipling

Kipling Patents

John Kipling - mathematician

St Pancas Workhouse Kiplings